Timber Cooling Tower Supplier We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Dealer of Timber Cooling Tower. The double inlet induced draft cross flow series is a field-erected, splash fill, crossflow, wood cooling tower, designed to serve all normal cooling water

Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia We are Leading Manufacture and Exporter Cross Flow Cooling Tower supplier in Saudi Arabia

Cooling Tower Supplier in Oman

Cooling Tower Supplier In Oman

Cooling Tower Supplier We provide Cooling Towers which is designed for all normal cooling water systems as well dirty water systems. Fabricated using quality galvanized steel, PVC sheet and wood, our array is sturdy and resistance to wear & tear. Th

Round Cooling Tower Manufacturer We are Leading Round Cooling Tower Manufacturer and Supplier In Qatar

Cooling Tower Manufacturer Hitech Equipment is the best Cooling Tower Manufacturer and Supplier In Saudi Arabia

Square Shape Cooling TowersWe are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of FRP Square Shaped Cooling Tower and our product is made of good quality.

Cooling Tower FillsCreating a niche of Cooling Tower Fills such as Sigma Type PVC Fill and Honey Comb Type PVC Fill at its best, with utmost quality. We are supplier, exporter & manufacturer of Cooling Tower Fills.

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