FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturer We are manufacturer, supplier, dealer of FRP Cooling Tower - PC XE Series Bottle. This is the packaged model industrial cooling tower. It is available from 7.5 Tr to 1500 Tr. It is packaged model so you can just fix th

Wooden Cooling Towers Supplier In Saudi Arabia We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting highly efficient Wooden & RCC Cooling Tower. These towers are offered with 91 models available under single cell configuration. The uses of multi-cell confi

Frp Cooling Tower Supplier in United Arab Emirates We are manufacturer and exporter of quality cooling towers that are offered in both counter and axial flow models. The FRP towers are widely used in air conditioning plant, induction furnaces/sheet

FRP Cooling Tower Suppliers In Qatar FRP Cooling Tower is manufactured with Glass reinforced plastic mostly in wind with standing bottle type and square type models. It is a mechanical type Counter Flow Tower. FRP Cooling tower intakes the air from

Water Cooling Tower Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia Cooling Towers are basically regarded as heat rejection devices that extract waste heat from the atmosphere through the cooling of water stream to a lower temperature. They are bringing in use for ai

3D model of double cross flow cooling tower sectional view

Dry Cooling Tower:Dry Cooling Tower is one of the latest model Cooling Tower. It is specially designed with copper or aluminium finned tube to increase the heat transfer area and these towers are particularly designed for water scarce areas.

Industrial Cooling tower Supplier In United Arab Emirates Industrial Cooling TowersOur company is a specialist in designing and offering a wide range of Industrial Cooling Towers. These cooling towers are ideal to suit the needs of the clients, and

Cooling tower Supplier in Kuwait We also offer periodical maintenance, renovation, service and AMC for our all models of cooling towers. In addition to this, our manufacturing unit is well equipped with trained technical manpower to provide proper g

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