Brine Chillers supplier in IranThe Brine Chillers are designed with the effort of our diligent staff. We use glycol at low temperatures to bring up the temperature to operating temperature of (-) 50°c. For this purpose, clients can avail various kind

Cooling tower Manufacturer he company has become one of the leading entities in offering various kinds of cooling towers and allied equipments. Its team, its research and development programmes and well manufacturing faculties have made the company

Hitech Cooling Tower Offer Best range Of Cooling Tower Based on Customer Requirement We Supply All Kind Of Industry used Cooling Tower. We have Multi Type Of Cooling Tower Such As FRP Cooling Tower Wooden Cooling Tower Dry Cooling TowerSquare Coo

U TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERS is a kind of tube and shell heat exchanger, U TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERS belongs to the petroleum and chemical equipment’s.

Cooling tower Manufacturer In United Arab Emirates Warm moist air is less dense than drier air at the same pressure. This moist air buoyancy produces an upwards, current of air through the tower.Natural that appears like a natural draft setup, thoug

Cooling Towers Direct access to internal parts; providing easy maintenance and repair. FRP Cooling Towers can withstand corrosion, to resist water born bacteria and organisms. Light in weight and permits roof installation without special

Cooling Tower Supplier in Dubai These towers are manufactured using high grade material that makes them corrosion resistant, and helps in resisting water borne bacteria and organisms. This is light in weight, which permits roof installation with spe

Counter Flow Bottle Shape Cooling Tower in Qatar In FRP cooling towers production a special composition of raw materials are selected to withstand corrosion, to resist water borne bacterias and organisms & is light in weight which permits roof inst

We manufacturer and supply kinds of Aluminium alloy sprinkler head and PVC alloy sprinkler head We have size of aluminium alloy sprinkler head is from 2″ to 12″ with 4 way sprinkler; these are Good quality, reliable in use.

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